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Aims of the StaPa Association

In May 2002, a group of trainees of the Pasteur Institute created an association called StaPa (Trainees of the Pasteur Institute).

This association is open to all of the trainees at the Pasteur Institute, including short-term interns, Masters and PhD students, and post-docs.

The aims of this association are both social and scientific:

- Social, to promote interactions between trainees in various departments by organizing fun events, to welcome new trainees to the campus, and to facilitate the arrivals of foreign trainees.

- Scientific, to promote exchanges (scientific, technical, language-based, etc.) both among trainees, and also between trainees and experienced researchers, at scientific meetings and events.

Here on our website you can find information about past and future scientific and social events.  Also, by joining StaPa you will be added to our mailing list, and receive all updates about StaPa activities.

Finally, if you have ideas for activities or events, please do not hesitate to contact the bureau (bureau AT stapa DOT fr) and get involved!

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